Radical Sportscars has never been in business to rest on its laurels. 
Constant design evolution, rigorous product testing and certification means that the Radical range never stands still, incorporating continual improvements in component performance and reliability in all out products. It’s what keeps us ahead of the game and right at the forefront of technology.
Running in parallel to this never-ending development are a number of exciting new projects that are in the final stages of pre-production, all of which extend the range beyond the current market to new and wide-ranging territories that will engage a whole new customer base as well as meeting the exacting demands of current Radical owners.

Radical is also committed to investigating and developing alternative propulsion methods for its future models. Following hugely successful 7m48s lap of the Nürburgring that captured the Nordschleife Electric Car Lap Record, Radical have provided chassis technology to Toyota Motosport GmbH, and with it a new Pikes Peak International Hillclimb challenger has been created. 
The TMG EV P002 is powered by two axial flux electric motors, with a maximum power output of 350kW; more than enough to smash the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb electric record in 2012 with a time of 10m15.380s. Click here to see the TMG EV P002 smash the record.

Be in no doubt; the future is very bright at Radical Sportscars.
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