Having seen the RXC on your website, listed as arriving soon, I nervously made a call to the sales department. My call was a taken by Stuart, who answered all my questions and I arranged to view the car the following week. 

Stuart showed a friend and I around your factory and we viewed the car. He explained everything on and about it and answered all my questions perfectly, putting any fears I had about the purchase at ease. The next day we finalised the deal. As a salesman myself it was completely refreshing to deal with a salesman who was informed, professional, nice to deal with and has the same sales ethos as myself. A rare occurrence in my experience.

On Thursday 26th of June I arrived at Brand Hatch race track to take delivery of my car. I must say that I was extremely nervous at this point, having spent a lot of money, on a car I had not driven... Never having been on slicks, or experienced much downforce... I arrived and met Austin, who Stuart had arranged to come and coach me during the day. we chatted about my experience and went to the drivers briefing. Following the briefing Luke showed me the controls of my car and explained in detail all the warning indicators and the dashboard.

Luke strapped me into the car, checked the tyre pressures on my return to the garage and with other members of your track team, looked after me and the car all day. This left me just to drink the water they provided and ready myself mentally and physically for the next stint. In total during the day I did about 8 stints driving the car. Austin gave me valuable information and direction on the track and without this, the day would have been very different. This day was one of the very best days I have had, certainly the best day ever on the race track. Your staff, to a man were totally polite and professional at all stages of the day.

I am thoroughly impressed with my Radical RXC, the Radical Team or people and I hope to be driving my Radical as hard as I can for many many laps to come. Please pass my regards and thanks to Stuart, Luke and all your track team. Thanks for your time today and please keep up the great work you are doing.

Warmest regards, George Pilkington

"Radical and RPE provide all the support anyone could need. When a privateer like me can turn up with his car on a trailer, two mates and his son as crew, race extremely competitively and win the championship, why would I race anywhere else!” Colin Noble, SR3 RS

“In all my time in racing, there are not many other companies I can think of, that keep their promises like Radical do. The cars do exactly what they say on the tin!” Ian Flux, F3, BTCC and GT legend, racing Radicals for over a decade

“I’ve been very fortunate to race lots of single-seaters, sports and GT cars. Returning to Radical reminds me what great, close racing and great value Radical racing is. Radical seem to raise the bar every year” Shaun Balfe, Spanish GT Champion

“I cannot think of anything that would improve the SR8, it feels great, provides feedback with a really good engine and grip. The gearbox and change are fabulous” Alex Sims, McLaren/Autosport BRDC Young Driver of the Year

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