'Learning your racing lines' takes on a whole new meaning at the wheel of a Radical.

Race Schools are becoming even more popular at circuits around the world, and while some road-based cars are suitable for teaching complete novices, the Radical SR3 RS is the car of choice for the discerning track driver. The reputation, styling and fun factor of the Radical is already a huge hit with race school fans in Australia, Spain, Eastern Europe, Middle East and the USA.

The SR3 School Car comes with Radical’s dramatic looks, high-downforce aero and a spacious two-seat cockpit. The SR3 RS can be supplied with two low-maintenance powerplant options; the Powertec 1340cc unit with an adjustable rev limiter, or the Powertec-Ford 2000cc EcoBoost. Both units have a track record of reliability and low servicing costs. Long-life tyres and brakes also keep running costs low, while dual controls allow one-to-one track driving instruction in complete safety.

The Radical fleet at Ascari Race Resort in Spain is a case in point; providing the circuit’s club members and guests hours of reliable fun on one of the world’s most technical and demanding tracks. Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Nevada also operates a large Radical fleet running day-in, day-out offering both trackday hire and racing tuition in the heart of the Nevada Mountains – where temperatures regularly exceed 30°C.

From Australia and the Middle East to Poland and Latin America, fleets of Radical school cars operate in all weathers, all temperatures and with drivers of all abilities with minimal downtime.

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