Radical is now taking orders for its new road-optimised addition to the SR range, the SR3 SL.  Click here to find out more about the new model.

Since the launch of the SR3 in 2002, Radical has specialised in producing the most extreme trackday cars for the road. The newest addition to that bloodline is the SR3 SL, a fully EC Type Approved model, featuring Euro5-compliant engines, a road lighting kit, road silencing and high-grip road-legal trackday tyres, to provide the ultimate on-road thrill. Nothing gives you a bigger adrenaline rush than a Radical.

Radical can continue to offer the SR3 RS, SR4 CS and SR8 RX as a road legal model in select countries, including the UK, Japan, Italy and the Czech Republic. It is a fully road-legal SR8 that has held the Nurburgring Nordschleife production car lap record since 2005, and a Radical since 2003. First 7:19, then 6:56, Radical has constantly redefined the performance boundaries of a road car. Then came Radical's 2009 record attempt... 

Many manufacturers take their top models to the Nordschleife to prove their worth. Very few drive their cars there, do the lap, then drive home again though. Radical did, and the car drove faltlessly throughout the entire trip. And broke the Grüne Hölle lap record – for the third time, with a lap record time of 6m 48s.

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