The Scandinavia Cup consists of race events across some of Europe's most northern circuits. 

Radical Cup Scandinavia is home to the largest sports car series in Scandinavia.

RSC is a series built around the teams and drivers. Having fun, alongside generous track time at a reasonable cost is the biggest priority.

Radical Cup Scandinavia allows a number of models to score points for the championship. If you drive a Radical SR1, SR3, PR6 or Prosport you are welcome to compete for points in RCS - regardless of the car you have the chance to become RCS champion.

Drivers of other models or another branded sportscar are also welcome to compete, with a guest entry. 

A warm welcome to Sweden's fastest race series! 


Race Calendar

Interested in taking part, contact the team at Radical Sweden for further information and join the Scandinavian paddock. 

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