UK: Radical Rapture shines at Supercar Fest ‘The Runway’

UK: Radical Rapture shines at Supercar Fest ‘The Runway’

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Radical’s roadgoing Rapture starred at Supercar Fest ‘The Runway’, held over the late May Bank Holiday weekend at Sywell Aerodrome, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom.

There’s nothing more pleasant than a sunny Bank Holiday weekend, and the Radical Rapture joined over 500 other supercars and hypercars under bright sunshine at the historic airfield, which has a history dating to 1928. The impressively preserved art deco flight buildings and hangars provided an imposing backdrop as owners and enthusiasts found the limits of their cars in front of 4,000 excited spectators. 

Radical’s range of sports racing cars are not traditionally associated with straight line runway events, instead being carefully designed and engineered to lower lap times on the racing circuits of the world and deliver the most impressive dynamic performance possible.

However, Supercar Fest is a non-competitive demonstration, and the runway event provided an important opportunity to inspire the next generation of racing drivers.

Radical Sportscars Marketing and Communications Manager, Andrew Coles, said:

“With 360bhp and just 765kg to push to 60mph in under 3.0 seconds, the Radical Rapture is far from slow, and whilst we certainly raised some eyebrows with some fast launches and a 147mph trap speed, the circuit is still our home and we’ll challenge any of these cars to battle on lap times!

“But that’s not what this event is about, we’re here to have fun and to share the motorsport bug with the next generation of enthusiasts. Letting the kids jump behind the wheel, and taking some of the older ones for a run up the runway and watching their faces as they experience a true racing car for the first time, that’s why we’re here.”

The new, turbocharged, track-only Radical SR10 was also on static display with Radical’s technical partner, Hankook Motorsports.

The Radical Rapture is designed as a road-legal track day car, and is powered by a turbocharged RPE-Ford EcoBoost 2.3-litre four-cylinder engine, which sends drive through a pneumatically actuated six-speed sequential transaxle racing gearbox. The cockpit features the AiM MXS digital display with full telemetry and data logging capability, and the fully adjustable suspension, bespoke Intrax Racing dampers, forged centre-lock hubs, and fully floating ventilated brakes are directly derived from what is found in Radical’s famous range of sports prototype racing cars.

The Radical Rapture provides the ultimate uncompromised driving experience, yet remains a fully-fledged and usable road car. Displaying these roadgoing credentials, the Radical Rapture was driven to and from Supercar Fest from Radical’s Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, factory.