Romania: A wet track set the scene at MotorPark Romania for the Radical Romanian Cup - Round 3

Romania: A wet track set the scene at MotorPark Romania for the Radical Romanian Cup - Round 3

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Romania: The Art of Racing in the Rain at Romanian Cup Round Three

The winners were decided at the third round of the Radical Romanian Cup, held at MotorPark Romania over the weekend of June 13-14.

The dedicated competition for Radical sports prototype racing cars saw models including SR1, SR3 and SR4 take the start. The queen of the race was the recently imported Radical SR3XX of Mihnea Stefan.

The starting grid for both races was establised during qualifying, with Mihnea Stefan (Radical SR3XX) securing pole position with a 2 second gap to Andrei Enescu (Radical SR3 RSX), and Leo Borlovan (Radical SR1). Mihnea took advantage of this opportunity and set the fastest lap of the day (1.39.721) in the SR3XX

Race One was a 25-minute slippery spectacle in a thunderous rain shower that showed no signs of stopping, with track temperatures as low as 20°. Andrei Enescu, starting from second, took advantage of Mihnea Stefan’s pit stop to take the win, with third place going to Dani Otil. The race was a standout show for motorsport lovers as battles were present throughout the entire race, with the action live streamed. The three outright race winners also won the PRO 1500 class.

Leo Borlovan secured victory in the SR1 Cup, finishing the race almost 2 seconds in front of Cătălin Iuhasz, the next ranked driver, and the third step of the podium was occupied by Bogdan Bondor.

The second race was a challenge and a good moment to accumulate experience for the Radical drivers. Temperatures dropped even further, and in the first part of the race, the rain ensured to provide a serious dose of adrenaline for both the pilots and the technical teams.

Philip Andriescu recovered from the technical problems he had in the first race and managed to become the leader of the pack from lap number 6. Philip had a calculated race managing to win at the end of the day, being less than a second ahead of second placed Andrei Enescu. Dani Oțil, who did not qualify for the second race due to technical problems, managed to cross the line in third, keeping his third place in the general classification, although he was forced to begin both races on the last position of the starting grid. The results were mirroed for the PRO 1500 Class.

The podium for SR1 CUP was anyone’s until the last lap, but the victory went to Leo Borlovan, followed by Radu Dumitrescu and Cătălin Iuhasz.

The next round of the Radical Romanian Cup is provisionally scheduled at the Transilvania Motor Ring on July 18.


#4 Marian Oancea - Radical SR1

#16 Leo Borlovan - Radical SR1

#36 Bogdan Bondor - Radical SR1

#15 Cătălin Iuhasz - Radical SR1

#22 Radu Dumitrescu - Radical SR1


#10 Philip Andriescu - Radical SR3 RSX

#99 Andrei Enescu - Radical SR3 RSX

#48 Mihnea Ștefan - Radical SR3 XX

#100 Dani Oțil - Radical SR4

#9 Dragoș Tănase - Radical SR3 RSX

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