Rookie Champion in the Hunt for Outright SR1 Cup Crown

Rookie Champion in the Hunt for Outright SR1 Cup Crown

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Reigning Rookie Cup champion Will Hunt will return to this year’s Radical SR1 Cup Championship for a second season, hoping to bring the consistency that will turn him into an outright title challenger.

Hunt, 21 from Brighton, was the stand-out newcomer to the SR1 field last season, scoring five outright podium finishes and finishing as the top rookie on eight occasions from the 12 rounds to secure the Rookie Cup honours. Hunt also finished third in the overall points, behind runaway top two, James Pinkerton and Ryan Harper-Ellam.

He will now return to the series with the Scorpio Motorsport team as a single-car entry to mount a challenge for the overall championship crown.

Prior to joining the SR1 grid, Hunt dabbled in single-seater testing, trying his hand at Formula 4, before opting for the SR1, which he believed would help him better hone his racecraft in his rookie year. This season will represent the best challenge for that philosophy, if he is to close the gap to the front of the field.

“This is going to be a big year for me, and I feel really ready for it,” says Hunt. “In 2017 when I was testing the Formula 4 car, I realised I needed to learn more about racecraft, and the Generation 2 SR1 stood out to me as the best option to do that. I learned so much in my first year, but felt there was still more to come, so returning for a second season was the obvious choice.

“Last year I lacked the consistency and made some mistakes that I probably shouldn’t have and those cost me. I actually think I started the year stronger than I finished it, so that’s another lesson learned. My goal for 2018 was just not to let James and Ryan get away, but they definitely did over the second half of the season, so I’ve worked hard over the winter to better prepare for 2019.

“This year I’m coming in knowing the car well, knowing the team at Scorpio well, and I’ve done a lot of training and simulator work over the winter and I feel my driving style has changed for the better. We’ve also recruited two driver coaches for this year – Kieren Clark (a former Formula Renault champion) and also a familiar face, who will be a surprise come Oulton Park at Easter.

“I feel like all of the things are slotting in place to help make this year a great one for me, and for Scorpio. My goal this year is to see the top step of the podium for the first time, and then to start seeing it regularly. And if you can do that, then you’ll have a championship challenge on your hands.”

The opening round of the Radical SR1 Cup takes place at Oulton Park on Saturday, April 20, with two races held in support of the prestigious British GT and Formula 3 championships.