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When it comes to the ultimate trackday driving experience, for sheer thrills, purity of handling and outstanding performance, nothing comes close to a Radical sportscar. From the diminutive SR1 to the incredible RXC Turbo, all offer the same blend of mind-bending aerodynamics, sure-footed handling, high revs and staggering braking ability.

One of the newest additions to the Radical stable, the SR3 SL, has already proven itself as the track and road car benchmark, voted 2011 ‘Trackday Car Of The Year’ by respected motoring magazine EVO. As part of the testing, EVO recorded a lap time that put it top of the leaderboard on Bedford Autodrome’s ‘How Fast’ timed trackdays; a 1:15.9 lap time also makes the SR3 SL one of the three fastest cars EVO has ever tested at Bedford.

And the fastest? The SR8 RX of course, with an incredible 1:13.6 lap time – on road tyres.

Genuine LMP pace combined with surprisingly docile and responsive handling, makes the SR8 RX the car of choice for the trackday regular. Few cars come close to its performance on any given lap.The RXC has been lauded as “a breeze to drive quickly” by Autocar. “However much assistance you call upon, the front end of the RXC always feels pinned to whatever apex you choose to aim it at. And the way it stops is quite outrageous, frankly, for a car that wears number plates and a tax disc. As a track-day car the RXC is sensational, and as a road car it is completely nuts. And that’s nuts as in super-smashing-great. It’s no wonder that Radical’s order books are full,” said Steve Sutcliffe.

You only have to ask the following trackday experience providers, who use Radicals day-in, day-out to offer thrilling, safe, cost-effective laps to trackday rookies and experienced motoring enthusiasts alike. All offer passenger hotlaps and driving experiences at a number of circuits around the UK and Europe.

By specialising in producing cars that reward the driver in this way, Radical has contributed to the popularity of the trackday scene itself, and with intuitive, honed handling and grip, it is the perfect car for learning the skills of fast, consistent driving, without the need for a racing licence.

A Radical responds like a single-seater, having the same precise, apex-hitting handling characteristics, along with light controls and powerful brakes, wet or dry. But it has the added benefit of a passenger seat, so an instructor can be there with you to help perfect your lines and technique.

The Radical Experience Offers

  • Pound for pound, the most exciting 
range of race cars you can buy

  • Test drives and assisted 
track days globally

  • Specialist race training available

  • Fully supported, professionally 
co-ordinated Radical Race Championships including technical support and spares truck

  • Thrilling wheel-to-wheel racing 
for both club racers and seasoned 
professionals alike

  • A close network of professional 
teams that can support race and 
track day activities

  • Ability to race on some of the 
world’s most exciting race circuits
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Trial Days

Radical UK Pre-Season Test - Sessions

Brands Hatch - UK

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Radical UK Pre-Season Test - Sessions


The Radical UK Exclusive Pre-season test


All Radical owners welcome.

The day will be ran in sessions, track day and test day sessions, with the opporunity for practice starts for novice competitors.

  • Sessions price - £350 + VAT per car for the test/track day session
  • Full Day "Open Pit Lane" fee - £450 + VAT per car

Price per car includes garage hire and an additional driver.

This is the perfect opporunity for lots of track time ahead of the season, with other Radical Competitors.

To book, please contact Carly Latcham on carly.latcham@radicalsportscars.com

01733 331 616

Bucket bespoke track

Corporate Trackdays

We welcome all levels of driving experience and our track days provide excellent teambuilding, networking and hospitality opportunities.

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Bucket race series

Racing Support

With Radical, it’s not just about the car; Radical’s works team can also offer complete racing and support packages.

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